Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm personally feeling the Real Estate market getting busy here in Sunny Scottsdale, AZ. It seems like you aren't getting any calls on your rentals and all you can tell your distressed owner's is reduce the rent, reduce the rent. It's a terrible call to make as you have to show the owner how much the market has decreased, how low the rents are as opposed to even a year ago.

BUT, This home buyers tax credit is causing a delay in peoples new leasing motivation. Can I buy? The answer is probably, yes. Even with the tightening of the regulations if you've been moderately responsible with your credit you most likely can qualify for some financial program.

On the flip side I am getting a lot of calls - almost all at once when properties are priced right. Pricing them through MLS comps is NOT likely going to get the home rented fast. You need to go outside of the box. Get a feel for the area, the demographic and then you will have a strong foundation of who to market to once your pricing is best. At, Legendary Investment Group, we know the East Valley Market. We get to know the owner's situation, financially, etc. Only then can you provide the most substantial service to your client and you can take all of these into account when pricing rentals. If you find that you will not be able to meet their expectations it may not be a good fit to represent them. We are just shy of miracle workers and we do our darn near best to take care of our clients and that means being realistic. click on featured listings to view our last few amazing rentals home available.

Over the weekend I traveled to San Francisco along with my boyfriend’s mother. Before obtaining my green designation through the National Association of Realtors I never noticed things like recycle bins or nucleus where you can work live and play mass communities. On my journey upon landing I saw words, like sustainability, and green building everywhere. The airport was trash bins were accompanied with futuristic recycle cans with organized separations for paper, plastic and cardboard. Advertisements were geared green, for example, Sprint advertised green internet with a tiny plug in. No larger than your standard mini td jump drive stick.

While riding the Bart I couldn’t help but notice the compressed residential living that seemed to endlessly continue. Each one had a millisecond for viewing. We chose to not rent a car, that all we would need we could travel by trolley or foot.

According to the US Census Bureau; San Francisco County has a population of approx 808,976 as of 2008 with approx 9,999 per square mile while Maricopa County has a population of 3,954,598 has 333.8 per square mile. Let's see what that ratio is

Pop/people per square mile:
SFCOUNTY: 808,976/9,999 = .012
MARICOPA: 3,954,598/333.8 = .00008

We are so much more spread out, our resources are more limited yet, because of the tangible things in our life... the things we can see, smell or touch we turn our face on our environment. Just because it doesn’t immediately affect someone doesn’t mean you are excused from your actions. I realize our needs as far as SF congestion, pollution, and the like are not comparable to ours but if we are going to recover, if we are going to build than we should create a foundation that can sustain growth. If we were to implement a few things here and there a strive to create a better public awareness when we do grow, and I hope we do, we can be innovative and earth wise. That's technology and the readiness of growth and expansion to me. (BTW, a Walgreens recently obtained their LEED certification) WOW! There they frown on negligence and naivety to the 4R's and here it seems it's the opposite.

Green isn’t weird...Green isn’t Tree hugger, It's actually the opposite. Check out Some of the new (up cycled) things coming out are a little crazy but they are all cutting edge and conscious!

16 Green Ideas you should be thankful for!

*** Another rental, one not under my management, had a tenant evicted and then all the appliances stolen from.... AGAIN. What is happening here. Where is the justice when you know WHO is doing this!

The PHX police department still hasn’t gotten back to me on what to do next with one of my listings same scenario. RUN CREDIT CHECKS. MEET THE RENTERS IN YOUR HOME, assumed or sight unseen. Hire someone to be your local rep.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Social Media Training.. well on our way!

I have now been to Google Class, ActiveRain, and now Twitter! I am an official member of the tweeple population...

Follow me!

Im so excited to Tweet and learn more! is pretty cool as well! Check it out if you tweet.

Sometimes I wonder why I have my own property management real estate holiday and the feeling lingers usually around the holidays. Stress and now more stress. Cant push pause... I should try the red help button from Staples. Ugh, there should be a disclaimer on the button as I am sure it will not come to the rescue of DB of Real Estate, Holiday Stresses and Single motherdom...

Deep breath adapt and overcome. It's a beautiful day in sunny, arizona!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greening up Scottsdale, AZ with Public Awareness! ;-)

First, I have to suggest to all of you to pick up the National Geographic EarthPulse 2010 issue in your local grocery store. I grabbed mine last night and couldnt put it down. I read pieces out of it to my four year old little boy and my boyfriend right after dinner. It is wonderfully written and as you know the images from National Geographic are incredible.

Here is the link to the magazine or short essay by Thomas Hayden

The population has nearly quadrupled since 1929 and we are consuming more than the earth can renew...

I asked my little boy to explain Global warming to me which was a treat. I used mommys tires as an example of the toxic chemicals that migrate into the air and combined with other greenhouse gases create little holes and wear away earths comfy blanket. He explained to me that we can take mommys tires back to the tire store and they can put new black tire on top and give to someone else. YAY!!!! He understands reusing and repairing!! I almost cried. :-) I realize that I will may not see these natural disasters but seeing how much I love my little boy and if he loves his kids half as much as I love him I'd never want him to feel helpless like he can't do anything because the damage is already done.

The Magazine touches on some really good points about how right now in our current economic hardships we are cutting down on usage and giving our planet a break. I never thought of that... It also goes over the idea that we will rebuild and we will recover... why not do it wisely, why not do it with our future in mind and the future of those you love. They say you are remembered by what you leave behind. Let's not make it a dirty polluted abused planet. ( Sorry for seeming over the top) I just feel passionate about it.

I contacted the City of Scottsdale yesterday to collect information and obtain a recycling receptable for my office. A very kind gentleman helped me, he familarized me with Wyatt Earth, a cute little crusader cowboy with recycling his only mission :-) The City of Scottsdale is going to bring me some of their overage magnets as they recently started accepting all plastics 1-7 and the magnets he is bringing me do not show that. I will pass these on to my tenants that rent in Scottsdale or purchase something in Scottsdale. I think that the majority of the propblem is public awareness. I had no idea what/how/and where to do things.

Now, I'd like to go over a few remodeling tips (you can even implement these into new builds) and this will offer you a great opportunity to incorporate a holistic approach to conservation, starting in your own backyard...enery and water saving techniques just to name a few. These tips are meant to help you make informed descisions as you plan to remodel your home.

Lighting - Use CFL lightbulbs. A very wise man explained to me A CFL is not a CFL is not a CFL! This means CFL doesnt mean dim and less effective. There are many upon many of CFL grades. Some are dim some are bright. Come a couple years from now CFL is all you will be able to buy. REMEMBER, CFL contain mercury and you will want to handle them properly and dispose of them in a recycle container easily found at lowes or home depot. Sears will allow you to dispose properly and recycle the long tube flourescents.

Applianes - The cost to use an appliance over its lifetime is a lot higher that the purchasing cost. It makes a good amount of sense, ecomonomically speaking as well to puchase energy efficient appliances. Your fridge is likely the largest energy consumer in the house so consider replacing it if it is old. Look for Energy Star Labels.  Here is a general How to on reading the energy guide label.  Keep in mind there are different labels for each items, windows, appliances, etc.

1. Estimated energy consumption on a scale showing a range for similar models
2. Estimated yearly operating cost based on the national average cost of electricity.

GREAT TO KNOW ABOUT WINDOWS and House Orientation when looking for your buyers or marketing a home!
Windows: South facing windows offer free energy in the summer months, north facing proviude uniform lighting year round. East and West are subject to more intense morning and afternoon sunlight creating heat gain in the home. Consider installing low e double pane windows for at least the E and W windows or consider shade devices such as trees or a screen wall, etc.

Flooring - If you are installing floors take a moment to consider more durable and natural surfaces such as stone, cork, harvested wood certified by the FSC, exposed stained concrete or bamboo. Carpet has allergens and can create an unhealthy indoor environment . Carpet is also warmer in the summer because of the lack of thermal mass. Tile, Stone and Concrete are good keepers of the cool!


Landscaping - Try to plant native shrubs and plants as it is well adapted and requires less water and less maitenance. They also need no pesticides, chemicals or herbicides. You can check out the Scottsdale Water Conservation Department resources for rebates, water guidelines and other helpful information.

These ARE all gorgeous and there are many more beautiful native plants.

Appliances and Fixtures - FIX LEAKY FIXTURES, replace faucets and shower heads with low flow aerators, and low flow flush toilets. Choose front loading washing machines that clean better and use less water... no brainer.

Scottsdale Real Estate just got a whole lot better, and healthier!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

What a week! Growing and Adapting....

Things are starting to pick up in what seems like a slow market. I brought on four new accounts! Two of which are Legendary Investment Groups Home Management Service. Owners taking advantage of the great buys in Sunny Arizona want someone to look after them as they wait to retire. Ive prepared a thorough inspection form as well as several different packages to be tailored to a variety of different needs.

I also got to institute my greeness or desire to be greener by impressing owners with my knowledge of AC units and R22 over R410A.

Check out this link for information on the tax credits and regs very interesting! Let's sell more homes!! Get this market out of the gutter. PHX Biz Journal - Real Estate Purchase Tax advantages!

On a gloomier note, my business partner acquired a home back from Deed in Lieu of foreclosure. We kept the supposed tenants in the home and asked that they enter into a lease agreement and fill out an application. Since she was already there I didnt qualify her like normal new tenancies. BIG MISTAKE. At the end of the tenants lease she requested that she get a month extension, which we granted her for a slight increase. She didnt pay NOV rent, she promised that it was in the mail and it being her last month I did not immediately pursue eviction. Toward the end of the month I got a weird feeling so I sent a 5day and then gave it to my attorney as of Wednesday we had a judgement - I met the locksmith at the house yesterday and found many items stolen including but not limited to the SINK! the bathroom vanities, the dishwasher, and much more! Wrong move they made was leaving trash in the garbage with their real names on bills. They falsified their application and after speaking with the neighbors I found out they knew the old owner. It sounds like something you'd watch on A and E - but, these are things you have to watch out for. ALWAYS run credit checks! Never make exceptions even after the consent of the owner.

Im Nancy Drew the Property Manager... you will not hurt my clients.... :-) I've filed a police report and a consumer fraud report with the Attorney General.

If the police do not investigate because this is claimed to happen all the time I will FREAK OUT. If they do nothing this will continue to happen. I've seen it alot. WHY NOT do it if there are no consequences? RRGGH. This has got to change. Let me know if any one has any ideas!

Stay Tuned!


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